The 3G Network Never Succeeded In Bringing In Cheap Internet

The 3G Network Never Succeeded In Bringing In Cheap Internet

What is called 3g network failed to bring what many people longed for in terms of extremely high speed bandwidth. However, much success has been achieved through the use of the third generation network which came after 2G. The introduction of 3 G Internet systems came with better speeds that drove up to 14.4 Megabits within a second as the download speeds and an upload of up to 5.8 megabits per second.

In fact, using 3 G network appeared as the end of the fight for better speeds. Many people received it with a feeling that what it offered was the best. Indeed, it was when compared with the others that existed, but with the coming in of more research to find out how improvements can be done, 3 G is found to be an inferior network no matter how it has contributed to more developments in the Internet industry.

Innovative research that is meant to introduce new breath of life in the field of Internet is seeking to make sure that better speeds become the joy of every entrepreneur. All whose life and efforts are spent on the Internet should find it better with days, as more work is done to improve everything.

There is a need to make sure that the bandwidth speed is achievable through WiFi, which makes researchers and Internet geeks to spend sleepless nights. It is expected that a lot more will have been done after a few years from now.  Once there are improvements towards the line of Internet industry and development, it is expected that the cost of surfing the Internet will also reduce. This does not just mean Cheap Internet, it also means better business.

Those who own companies that run at the edge of Internet will not have much to worry about. There are benefits that will go beyond the usually making it possible for every other entrepreneur to have easy time, with the online business. However, warning must be sent to all users to ensure that none is unaware that there will be more risks of cyber theft as Internet technology improve. Either the innovators should do more to ensure better security against raiders or the bad guys would do their best to outdoor the gurus in their game.

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